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Whakapapa / Tongariro National Park 

Northern Circuit Tongariro (1 of 1).jpg
Northern Circuit Tongariro (1 of 1)

So with this year being a quieter year with, you know what playing havoc with people's wedding plans, I've had a few more summer weekends at my disposal which has been a definite silver lining. In April I did the Tongariro National Park's Northern Circuit a 2-4 day hike around Mount Ngauruhoe, between the behemoths of Tongariro and Ruapehu. This has been on my list for some time now and it more than exceeded my expectations - it was spectacular.


The first day takes in the famous Tongariro crossing, then splits off dropping down to Outere hut, and then on to Waihohonu hut campsite where I stayed (the perfect combination of burbling stream, birch forest and picnic table), before climbing back to Whakapapa Village, which is conveniently home to the Chateau Tongariro - perfect for high tea the next day to refuel.

I don't do as much landscape photography as I'd like to - it requires alot of patience and time to find that combination of composition and lighting - but I loved having a few days. I just took my Fuji X-T50, which I like for its simplicity - you end up really just focusing on composition and light - and I'm not so worried about dropping it in a river crossing. 

Here's a few of my favourite shots. I can't more highly recommend this hike. If you just have a day, do the walk up to Tama lakes from the Chateau.


Northern Circuit Tongariro (1 of 1)
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