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Billie & Craig

    13 October 2018 / Engagement Shoot / Bethell's Beach / Auckland

My favourite part of Auckland is all the beaches out west. I have so many good memories out here, staying at baches, hiking, exploring. It's just spectacular. So I was stoked when Billie & Craig got in touch about an engagement shoot and gave me a blank canvas about where and when to shoot them (sunset! sunset! always sunset!) And these guys were so much fun to shoot. While sunsets can be a little fickle sometimes, this one really brought its A-game. And I've never had a couple so able to keep each other cracking up for the entire hour or so of the shoot, surely that has to bode well for marriage! Which also makes it super easy for photos! Engagement shoots are such a perfect way to get used to being in front of the camera and get your posing groove down before your big day - it can take a lot of pressure off and you get a bit more flexibility to play with locations and timing. 

Auckland Wedding Photography Julia Moore
Billie & Craig


    12 April, 2018 / The Bungalow / Taranaki 

With the recent craziness of wedding season and school holidays just finishing up, it feels like I’ve been a terrible blogger – just finishing up editing the last few weddings has been all I’ve had space for. Now with the last one out the door, here are some images of Tamara and Rhys’ lovely, simple wedding out at the Bungalow, just south of New Plymouth, out in the gorgeous Taranaki countryside. They were such a lovely couple they made the photos so easy – along with a spectacular location and the more subtle lighting of post daylight-savings days. It was perfect for the Bungalow's large expanse of lawn looking out at the ocean. Tamara had this wedding dress with the most stunning back profile and this veil which, with the perfect amount of wind (and a very patient husband crouching just off camera giving it some extra height) made for some pretty spectacular beach shots. All round such a good day, with a lovely laidback vibe.

Venue: The Bungalow

Flowers - Hailey Shaw

Celebrant - Samantha Johnston Marriage Celebrant

Hair - Mode New Plymouth

Make up - Makeup by Annalee

Dress - etcetera wanganui

Tamar & Rhys


    14 June, 2018 / Gyspy Carvan Ponsonby / Auckland

So this wedding was held at the cutest little church in Dignan St, Pt Chevalier, Auckland - so adorable I even took photos of all the details in the bathroom. The stained glass windows were just this beautiful shade of pink and the wood so beautiful. When I turned up for the ceremony, there was this full on pipe band - so brilliant - seriously, every wedding needs one of these! It helps that the groom was a member of the pipe band, and resplendent in kilt, it was the perfect match for the church. I loved that they had this audience of people walking past, kids on bikes, locals walking down to the cafe, just stopping and enjoying the performance, taking photos.

And the lovely bride Carron was a powerhouse of co-ordination (she was an event planner for a big corporate so figures!). For the first time ever, ever, like ever, I witnessed a bride 20 minutes early to the church! Everyone had been herded in early and I was fairly focused on just shooting so was so confused when I came out at the end, just 10 minutes past the ceremony starting time - I had to check my watch against a few guests - I still have no idea how she got all the guests to arrive early when my experience is there are always a few dribbling in a few minutes past! It was amazing! Oh and her dress, an Anna Schimmel dress with the most exquisite lace - I was so paranoid we were going to snag it during the photo shoot on the cobbles, it was so rich and heavy and just divine - the whole dress was, and Carron looked so elegant in it.

For the bridal couple photos we explored some Ponsonby Alleyways around where they were having the reception at Gypsy Caravan in Ponsonby. I love scouting for location spots and the had spent hours walking over ponsonby looking for some perfect alleyways, only to decide the best spot was 50m near their wedding reception venue. This venue was just gorgoues, so many quirky touches, such a cool relaxed vibe, and this constant stream of delicious casual food rolling out - good times! 

Dress: Anna Schimmel

Church: Dignan Street Church

Reception: Gypsy Caravan