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70s Vintage Styled Bridal Shoot

So somehow I acquired this 70s bridal gown for a $1, and it had this amazing collar, and this dramatic train, and I loved it. I love vintage, for how different it is, for the quality you can get, for just how sheer gorgeous it is, not to mention I feel really uncomfortable about fast fashion and the impact that the clothing industry is having on the environment, so I tend to try to buy second hand/vintage where I can. So I couldn't resist doing a shoot inspired by it, which having a look at pinterest 70s babes, I just love the ethnic, headwrap look they did a fair bit back then, and so it evolved from there with some very talented professionals getting on board and helping me out - Pineapple Sage for her sourcing of the most amazing 70s themed flowers I never knew existed, for Tayla's Beauty Corner for her gorgeous makeup (on the vaguest of briefs and 100 contradicting images I gave her on my pinterest board), Liah Roebuck for so kindly helping me out with slips and dresses to compliment, Victoria for literally giving me the rug from out under her, along with her amazing garage of goodies, Ruby Blu and the gorgeous Demelza for strutting her stuff and bringing it to life, and Michelle at Chaos & Harmony for sourcing the perfect shoes to top it off, in the most gorgeous blush velvet! Here's a few of my favourite shots...

Makeup: Tayla's Beauty Corner Hair: Ruby Blu Model: Demelza Law Flowers: Pineapple Sage Shoes: Chaos & Harmony Dress: Vintage cape and jewelry. Slip & second dress: Liah Roebuck Bridal Set props: Victoria Jayne Weddings

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