Debs & Caleb - Auckland Wedding

Updated: May 29, 2018

There's nothing quite so fun as getting to shoot your friend's wedding - it's always so special getting to spend so much time with them on their big day, to see their highs, their bittersweet moments, to be right there (often quite literally when you're in a tiny room and they're getting changed into a complicated dress that takes up all available space - it takes friendships to a whole new level!). And this was a seriously good wedding - they're such an awesome couple, the whole day had such good vibes, friends, good food, a guy in a kilt marrying them, crazy pacific island dancing, speeches that made you bawl - what can I say!

Friends are also usually really good at giving you what you need to make the most of shooting them, so when we drag them into random carpark buildings, make them run up six flights of stairs, get their pristine white dress a little dirty, or trek them into the Manukau train station, it's great not to be looked at like you're a little cracked. Here's a few of my favourite shots...