Gypsy Caravan Ponsonby - Carron & Dion's Auckland Wedding

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

So this wedding was held at the cutest little church in Dignan St, Pt Chevalier, Auckland - so adorable I even took of all the details in the toilet (see if you can guess which ones!). The stained glass windows were this just beautiful shade of pink and the wood just so beautiful. And when I turned up for the ceremony, there was this full on pipe band - so brilliant - seriously every wedding needs one of these! It helps that the groom was a member of the pipe band, and resplendent in kilt, it was the perfect match for the church. I loved that they had this audience of everyone walking past, kids on bikes, locals walking down to the cafe, just stopping and enjoying the performance, taking photos.

And the bride (did I mention this couple was so so lovely) she was a powerhouse of co-ordination, her house was crazy with nieces and nephews and kids and flowergirls, and for the first time ever, ever, like ever, I witnessed a bride 20 minutes early to the church! Everyone had been herded in early and I was fairly focused on just shooting so I was so confused when I came out at the end, just 10 minutes past the ceremony starting time - I had to check my watch against a few guests - I still have no idea how she got all the guests to arrive early when my experience is there are always a few dribbling in a few minutes past! Oh and her dress, an Anna Schimmel dress with the most amazing lace - I was so paranoid we were going to snag it during the photo shoot on the cobbles, it was so rich and heavy and just divine - the whole dress was, and Carron looked just so elegant in it.

And then to finish, we hit some Ponsonby Alleyways around where they were having the reception at Gypsy Caravan in Ponsonby, which was such a fun place to shoot. I walked all over Ponsonby working out where I wanted to shoot the day before, and ended up shooting them in four locations within 50m of Gypsy Caravan, which I looooved - so many quirky touches, such a cool relaxed vibe, good casual food just rolling out - good times! Here are a few of my favourites...

Dress: Anna Schimmel

Church: Dignan Street Church

Reception: Gypsy Caravan