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Mia & Leo

Backyard Wedding / Hawera / Taranaki

Mia and Leo's wedding had this amazing energy. The couple were surrounded by a group of friends and family for their bridal party that had obviously been there for each other through thick and thin and had such a lovely caring, fun vibe. They had both the wedding ceremony and reception in backyard wedding style, on Mia's parent's new lifestyle block out the back of Hawera. I love a good backyard wedding, there are so many personal and unique details that can come through, along with how meaningful it can be to tie the knot on land that you know and love, that is connected with your family. Always a great choice for a wedding venue. It had these gorgeous trees, and even came with it's very own fountain which had been installed to celebrate the day. And they had so many unique details scattered throughout the day, like Mia's love of birds coming through in her huia feather earring or the feather adorned table center pieces. I particularly loved her dress, with these amazing flowing sections and hand stitched (by the bride) back detailing chains. Congratulations guys! Celebrant: Jodie Muggeridge Makeup: Roma Jayne Dress: Dylin's Bridal Cake: Coley's Cakes Caterer: Campbell Mason: Caffeinate


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