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Taranaki Wedding Venues & Links

Here's your guide to New Plymouth and Taranaki wedding venues - whether you are looking for that perfect beachside wedding venue, or some charming wee garden - all in one handy place for you. Of course there are so many options for where to get married/party - restaurants, community halls, backyards, churches, public buildings and gardens (Tupare Gardens has to be a stand out option and how iconic is the Bowl of Brooklands - check out the blog to see these in action) and so on, so actually this list isn't exhaustive - if you'd like further ideas on where to tie the knot in a location completely unique to you, I'd love to chat. I've got so many favourites, but here's a tour of a few...




#1 - New Plymouth's coolest little Wedding Venue: The Milkshed

If you want to get married somewhere that isn't quite like anywhere else, that has a super cool grungy vibe, and you can party all night with no curfew - check out this addition to Taranaki's wedding venue line up. It comes with its own alpacas, a pig and has a spacious, manicured front lawn to boot.

#2 The most gorgeous garden venue: Waiongna Gardens

This gorgeously manicured garden has so many charming nooks and crannies, your biggest problem will be deciding which ones to utilise for your ceremony. If you haven't been out here as part of the garden festival, it's worth spending a sunny sunday afternoon exploring.

#3 - Rustic Barn Vibe: Te Maru Farm

With more than enough room to swing a cat (and a horse, a pig and a dog - which conveniently you'll all find at the Farm) this new venue (a few seasons in) has space for 180 guests, divine indoor/outdoor floor, gorgeous grounds and this just massive, beautiful wooden barn.


Handy links for the Taranaki Region

If you're not familiar with the region, or thinking about how to introduce your guests to what the region has on offer, here are some handy links!

4. Great place to grab a waterfront coffee in New Plymouth and Oakura.

5. Favourite garden to take your nana - Tupare.


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