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10 things EVERY wedding photographer wants you to know

I always find myself compulsively reading articles headed up with some variation of the above ("21 secrets your wedding photographer wants you to know" "12 things wedding photographers want you to know but can't tell you" "33 things your wedding photographer really, really wants to tell you"). I can't help myself, it's like a compulsion - (why can't I tell you something I really want to?! I need to read that! Which I confess I just did, while I was supposed to be writing this). Maybe because I was a lawyer, and the idea of categorically promising that every professional in a certain industry thinks exactly the same as what you are representing -it's too good to be true - it's like a compulsion to look for typos or grammar issues that some people have.

In short, no one can tell you something every wedding photographer wants you to know - we are all so different, we work differently, we approach things differently - what's a non-negotiable for one, might not be an issue for another. Consequently there's alot of silly things written out there that won't necessarily hold true at all for your wedding photographer. The best thing is to talk over all the issues that you're not sure about. If they're good, there should be no questions off limit - contrary to what say, your wedding photographer definitely should be able to talk to you about their position on photoshopping, why their wedding packages are the price they are, if you really need a second shooter, how many photos you'll get etc etc.

Here's the summary of one that wasn't half bad from with my notes! For the full article see the link below.

1. Your wedding is about you. Do what you want.


2. Good photos take time.

(Yes, yes, yes!!)

3. Get ready somewhere quiet and nice, and try to keep it clean.

4. Your dress is probably going to get dirty.

(Yes, and truly, no one notices - unless you've invited your dress maker to the reception!)

5. Consider banning iphones, ipads etc at the ceremony.

(I actually don't really care about this one, I definitely agree there is a huge cultural issue of not really being in a moment, but as a photographer I don't really mind either way - it's more of what you guys want)

6. Write a list of family formals, and keep your photographer abreast of any family issues that might crop up.

(keep the list to 8-12 family groupings - this part of the day can take a loooong time, when you really want to just be hanging with people)

7. Pick the right photographer and ditch the other lists.

(duh - good point here around being aware that your wedding will not look like that photo you took off pinterest - so many elements go into a photo, you!, details, lighting, location etc - but feel free to look at pinterest for styles or ideas to jump off of, just don't expect your photos to look exactly the same!)

8. Light is Everything.


9. Give yourself some time alone on the dance-floor.

10. Enjoy your day – your photos depend on it.

(um, no pressure - actually, just relax, that's what your photographer is there for)

(for the rest of the article see here)

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