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I love photography as this way of recording some of those small moments that make up life, not in some perfect, stage managed way, but in a way that reminds us that the ordinary is the extraordinary - that a look, a touch, a face, are what makes life good. I have these few old photographs of my family from years ago, they're not posed, they're not technically perfect, but I love them, because I see something I recognise and want to remember, a certain emotion, intimacy. And it's all the more engaging for not being posed or expected. 

If you're looking for wedding or elopement photography that is more about the moment and emotion, about who you were with and how it felt, that values place and our natural world, then take a while and look around, I'd love to chat more with you. 

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whatever your vision for your wedding or elopement,

I love to work with couples to create images

that are rich
and intimate, 

evoking place,

moments and moods...




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"I fell in love with Julia's photography when I saw her photos advertised and begged her to do our wedding. Right from the get-go, she was such a kind, friendly and relaxed person to work with. I loved the whole ethic of her company. On the day, she was really easy (we even had comments from the family about how kindly yet efficiently she organised people, and just generally how nice she was). When we received the photos, we were just absolutely blown away! The photos were so natural and candid yet very intimate. She caught really beautiful moments that really captured the heart, soul and happiness of the day. Really can't recommend her enough!"



"Stop looking and book this amazing photographer!"